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About Our Group


Name of society – Afro-Caribbean Society (ACS)


What is the society about?  what type of society is it? Our society is all about embracing African and Caribbean roots at the university.


Our society is a place where students of African and Caribbean descent, or anyone who is interested in joining, can feel at home and embrace the afro-Caribbean culture with different people at the University.


Our values are:


  • To create a sense of belonging here at University of Chester
  • To make sure students have an enjoyable time at the university 
  • To enable members to support each other
  • To provide a nonjudgmental base for discussion of ideas and opinions
  • To create a safe space for new and international students to feel at home



Key Information (When, Where and How Often We Meet)

The Afro-Caribbean Society will be hosting game nights and virtual quiz nights for students to have some fun while staying safe. We will also be having a few social events with other societies so that more friendships can be made and everyone can get to know each other.


Events and activities, we are organising this year:

Freshers taster sessions and welcome events – September/ October 2020

Quiz night- October/November 2020

Christmas Night Out – December 2020

Quiz Night –January 2020

Film screening – February 2021

End of year Ball – June 2020


Why Should You Join Us?

 The Afro-Caribbean society is looking for new members to make each and every single event a success. It is a friendly and lighthearted environment for new and international students with help and support offered by the committee members and students. 


Contact Us



FACEBOOK:Afro-Caribbean Society Chester (acschester)

INSTAGRAM: acschester


Inclusion and Accessibility information


*This information can be updated as and when your rooms are booked and you receive Diversity inclusion and accessibility training in September. If you know that the space, you typically use when you book a room is wheelchair accessible please add here. 



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Registration Details

Registered Office: Parkgate Road, Chester CH1 4BJ
Registered in England Company Number: 7623621
Registered Charity Number: 1149397

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