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Candidate for the position of Chester Students' Union - NUS Delegate



#N.U.YesWeCan! #TwentyThousandVoices

1. Support a one member– one vote system. ALL students should get a say on who is NUS president, not just the elected few.

2. Support an equal number of delegates for each SU. Larger SUs often get the final say.

3. Support the no-platforming of the extremist six organisations. But, make sure only extreme groups are no-platformed.

4.  Exclusionary safe spaces are not the best way to open up academic debate. We should encourage people to interact with those who have opposing social and political viewpoints.

5. Work to ensure Chester continues to work with the NUS on green and sustainability issues.

6. Support separate officers for the English regions.

7. Continue to support the reintroduction of maintenance grants for the most disadvantaged students.

8. European Union students give so much to our campus, and the NUS must be more vocal in securing their right to study post-Brexit.

9. Work with the NUS to ensure that all students feel comfortable in university sports — let’s break down those cliques!