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Election Resources

This page has been designed to give candidates all the extra information and support that they need during the election process. Please download the following guides and read through them. 

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to get in contact: csuelections@chester.ac.uk


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Spring Elections - Important Dates:

Nomination Period Mon 27th Jan 8am - Fri 21st Feb 2020 12noon
Compulsory Elections Briefings Fri 21st Feb 2020 1pm & 5pm
Campaigns Academy Wed 26th Feb 2020
Campaigning Begins Wed 26th Feb 2020 5pm
Candidate profile deadline Friday 28th Feb 2020 9am
Voting Opens Online Monday 9th March 2020 8am
Quiz Your Activities & Education VP Candidates Monday 9th March 7pm
Quiz Your Warrington VP Candidates Monday 9th March 7pm
Quiz Your Shrewsbury VP Candidates Monday 9th March 7pm
Quiz Your President Candidates Tuesday 9th March 7pm
Voting Closes Online Thursday 12th March 2020 1pm
Results Announced

Thursday 12th March 2020 7pm

VP/President-elects invited to Trustee Board Monday 11th May 2020
VP/President-elect Induction training Wednesday 24th - Tuesday 30th June 2020


Candidate Guide - the following guide has been designed to give you an insight into the full-time officer roles. 

Campaigns Academy - this is for all candidates to attend and will give you an insight into all things elections and give you support and guidance into running a successful campaign. [We will link the Campaigns Academy schedule here very soon!]

Shuttle Bus Timetable - For candidates wishing to travel between the Chester, Warrington and Riverside campuses. *Please note* The 7:30am bus from Warrington no longer goes to Riverside Campus. The 8:45am bus from Chester to Warrington now leaves at 8:30am.

Thornton Bus Timetable - For candidates who wish to travel to campaign at Thornton Campus this is the schedule for buses to the site.[This timetable will be linked once the Transport team have updated for March 2020]