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CSU Elections 18

Every year Chester Students' Union elects a President and 3 Vice Presidents to represent you, negotiate with the University on your behalf and sit on the Board of Trustees of the Union. The roles are full time from 1st July for 12 months. You can either be a student who is about to graduate, or take a year out of your studies to do the role.

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Chester Students' Union - President

The President is the figure head of the Students’ Union and the key representative to the University. They have the chance to make a real difference and ensure that the student voice is heard by the very top people as they are also a student governor of the University of Chester. The President will also be more heavily involved in the day to day operations of the Union working closely with the Chief Executive and the staff team.

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    EDWARD BOYD Manifesto

    Losing our previous 2-time President? Let Boyd fill the void!

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    Listening to ALL Voices, Not Just The Loudest!



    Joyful : Motivated : Approachable #takeastancevoteforfrance

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    SOPHIE FROST Manifesto

    Working with the #SmallandMighty students of UoC

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Chester Students' Union - Vice President Activities

This role is all about promoting and developing all areas of student activities including the sports and societies. They will be actively involved in all areas of development from assisting groups in getting more members through opportunities such as Sports and Socs Fair, ensuring equity of service and also being a point of contact for all members.

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    JACK MCGOVERN Manifesto

    #KeepItReal and vote Jack McG 4 VP #ReturnOfTheMac

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Chester Students' Union - Vice President Education

This post will focus upon the academic side of life from helping individual students to sitting on University academic committees. They will be proactive in areas such as the Student Academic Reps (StARS) to try and gain the widest voice possible across the student population. They will also co-ordinate the AAB Awards.

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    SOPHIE BELL Manifesto

    #SavedByTheBellAgain #DingDingRoundTwo

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    SOPHIE WHITE Posh and Becks Manifesto


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Chester Students' Union - Vice President Warrington

Based at the Warrington campus, this role is an all encompassing position that deals with academic, campaigns and activities. It is a very hands on post, and will work alongside the two part time staff members to deliver the best possible experience for students studying at the Warrington campus.

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    JACK APPLEBY Manifesto

    An Apple A Day Keeps The Stress Away

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    TASH FEGAN Manifesto

    For a FanTASHtic VP, Vote for me

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