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Warrington's Student Representatives

Over here in Warrington it can feel that we are a world apart from the hustle and bustle of Chester, and that our views aren't heard as loudly because of that. However, through a range of student representatives, we make sure that Warrington is definitely on the agenda when it comes to University-wide decisions. Warrington has representatives across several University committees and student voice platforms:
Vice President - Warrington
For 2018/19, the Vice President for Warrington Campus is Jack Appleby. You can find out a little more about what his plans for the year are [here].
The Warrington VP is elected annually by all students, based on a manifesto that they should create with student views in mind. They are part of a team of 4 sabbatical officers; President, VP Education, VP Activities, and of course VP Warrington. Each year around February, current students will put themselves forward for an elected position, and will campaign for your votes in March. The elected team then begin their year in July, aiming to complete any manifesto actions that they pledged to fulfill, and ensuring that your views are taken forward to the highest committees within the University.
Any student on the Warrington Campus can run to be vice president, either between your study years (thus the name 'sabbatical') or at the end of your course. If you would like any more information on what the role entails, or how to stand in the elections, pop into the office or email csustudentvoice@chester.ac.uk 
Union Council: Warrington Rep
For 2018/19, the Warrington Rep on Union Council is Melanie Greenwood. The core role of being a Union council representative is to connect with and collect the views of students on the campus, and present any suggestions or criticisms to the Union Council in a manner which represents the views of the campus. 
Union Council: Faculty Rep
Depending upon your faculty, the representative for you may differ. However, the principles of the role are the same across all faculties, in that they should represent to views of their faculty, and feed back any faculty-specific issues that affect students. If you would like to find out who your faculty rep is, click [here].
The council has at maximum 30 members, including 26 part-time representatices and the 4 elected officers. The council meets to discuss what the priorities are across the entire student body, with representatives from each campus, faculty, and under-represented groups such as mature students, LGBT+ students, and international students. You can find a full list of the Union council roles [here]. Make sure your voice is heard by speaking with your local representatives!
You can read up on the full Union Council [here]
Student Experience Rep
The Student Experience Representatives are the students you are most likely to see and know on a day-to-day basis. These are students from each course/level who are chosen to represent you at staff student liaison meetings, and feed up into the VP Education on wider issues affecting students. There are a large number of Student Experience Reps spread across the University to enable all students to be able to speak up if they have positive or negative feedback on how their course is running. If you would like to find out who your student experience rep is, please email studentreps@chester.ac.uk
You can read up on Student Experience Reps [here].
How the Representatives work together
Each of the representatives work to create a web of information, gathering the views of students and feeding it right up to the top where big issues can be raised with the University. Likewise, it also offers the opportunity for any big decisions to be fed down to students, so that more people know what is going on across the University and don't feel left out of the loop. If you would like to have your say on your course or beyond, you can feed it through any of the representatives listed above.
How else can I get involved?
If you want to bring an issue forward yourself, or make a suggestion for the campus, you can submit it to CSU's Big Idea. Make a suggestion, and if it gets approved it will go live on our website for students to vote it up or down. If it gets enough votes it will be discussed at the next Union Council meeting. You can submit your Big Ideas [here].
Further to this, we also run our own campaigns that are specific and targeted for our campus, alongside running campaigns concurrently with the Chester campuses, working together with the President, Vice President Activities and Vice President Education. So keep an eye out through the year for any campaigns you can get involved with.
For more information on campaigns, check out the main page under "Have Your Say" to see where you can get involved, because the Students’ Union is for YOUR benefit and we are always looking to improve and enhance your student experience.