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Student Voice


We’re here to represent your views and interests, and to make sure your voice is heard by the university.

Representation or the ‘Student Voice’ in Shrewsbury is made up of Student Experience Representatives and is the most senior representative student decision-making body at University Centre Shrewsbury (UCS).

The way this system works is through our Student Experience Representatives who are elected from each course and year group at Shrewsbury. Once these reps have gained feedback from students on their course, they relay their findings directly to programme leaders during bi-annual Student Staff Liaison Meetings (SSLMs). This feedback includes what you, as a student body, think about your course (the pros and cons), the facilities provided by the university, and anything related to student life.

If you would like to be a Student Experience Representative for your course, feel free to email studentreps@chester.ac.uk

To represent your views as a campus, we have also elected our first Shrewsbury Representative, Zoe Powell, who will be voicing your views to the Student Council in Chester every term. If you would like to get in touch with Zoe to share any feedback you have, her Facebook page can be found here, and her email address is: 1713167@chester.ac.uk.

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