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What is the tenant responsible for?

You should always treat the property in a 'tenant like manner'. This means:
  • Report all disrepair, in writing, promptly. If further damage is caused because a repair was not reported. For example if you do not report a leak from the roof and this goes on to damages the ceiling and/or walls, the landlord/agent may charge the household for any excess damage.
  • Take all reasonable steps to ensure that you and your guests do not damage the property.
  • Undertake minor day to day maintenance, for example unblocking sinks and replacing light bulbs.
  • Keep the property clean, including the cooker, fridge and freezer, toilet, and bath/shower area.
  • Protect the property during periods of absence - for example if you have a burglar alarm make sure you use it and that all doors/windows are secure when you leave the property.
  • In the winter ensure that the heating is kept on a low heat to prevent the pipes from freezing.
  • Keep the garden and bin areas clean and tidy. All rubbish should be carefully bagged and put in the rubbish bins provided. Environmental Health have the power to fine residents for untidy garden/bin areas. If you have excess rubbish contact the Council who may remove it free of charge.