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Can I claim compensation?

If you have suffered financial loss, inconvenience or damage to your property because of disrepair, you may have a case to claim a rent rebate from the landlord/agent. Examples could be loss of cooking facilities for more than 24 hours, having to move out of your bedroom or have lost the use of the lounge due to serious or extensive disrepair, loss of facilities such as a shower, bath or hot water.
Discuss the issue of a rent rebate with the landlord/agent first. You need to clearly state why you feel compensation is warranted, giving specific examples. If an agreement cannot be reached, you could deduct the money from your rent. However you must be aware that if the landlord/agent disagrees with your claim, they could take the money from your deposit, or take action in the small claims court to recover any shortfall in rent. Seek advice from the Student Advice Centre before taking the step of deducting rent.