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Sexual Health

Your sexual health is just as important as your physical and mental health while at University. It may be an aspect of life you've not discovered until you reach University, and we would encourage you to follow our 3 C's when it comes to sex! Clean, Condom and Consent.

Stay Clean - STI Testing

The Students' Union works with local services to offer regular STI testing on Chester and Warrington campuses, helping you to check that you haven't caught something by accident! If you have caught an STI, most can be treated quite easily, but it is always important to get a clean bill of health before engaging in sexual activity.
Body Positive run a weekly testing session in Chester 12-2pm, held downstairs in the SU building.
Warrington Sexual Health run a monthly testing session, held outside the SU office. [details TBC].
Additional testing sessions will be held during our annual Sexual Health & Guidance (SHaG) week in February, which promotes sexual health awareness and safe sex.

Free Condoms - Contraception

The Students' Union offers free condoms to students through each of its offices. These are usually available in an easy-to-access bowl, and you are welcome to take some whenever needed. We do understand that condoms may not be the preferred contraception of choice, and depending upon your relationship these may be unsuitable entirely. If this is the case, the services we are linked with should be able to provide or prescribe other forms of contraception, including femidoms, the pill, implants, and so on.
The Students' Union offers free condoms and testing to Students. To pick up your free condoms just pop in to your nearest SU office to collect.
  • Body Positive come to the Union throughout the year to do sexual health testing, the dates and times will be advertised via social media.
  • We have a Sexual Health Advice and Guidance (SHAG) Week in February, which promotes sexual health awareness and safe sex.

Consent - Voluntary, Mutual and Constant

Consent is constant, voluntary participation in sexual activity. Both parties involved should have the capacity to consent to an act, and indeed to retract that consent if they no longer feel comfortable with what they are doing.  Consent should not be assumed, whether you are in a relationship, you've had sexual relations before, or one person paid for the date; consent should be freely given and freely taken away.
If you have concerns around a situation you or a friend have experienced, you can contact our advice team at csuadvice@chester.ac.uk or contact the University's wellbeing team at wellbeing@chester.ac.uk or attend a drop-in at one of our offices.

Emergency contraception

You can take emergency contraception up to 72 hours after unprotected sex.
If you need emergency contraception you can usually get this from your local GP, sexual health service, and at most pharmacies.