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Lucy Blackburn Fund

The Blackburn fund was set up in 2017 in memory of student nurse Lucy Blackburn who died during her time at Warrington Campus.

As a student rep, Lucy had previously campaigned for a minibus to transport students on her course to and from placement during unsociable hours, following feedback that student nurses had difficulties with the timings when using public transport early in the morning and in the evenings.

The Blackburn fund is made up of donations from her family, friends and colleagues. It was decided that the money would be best used to cover the costs of transport rather than investing in a minibus and so applications for funding are invited from nursing students who have placements with unsociable hours, with priority given to students from the Warrington Campus where Lucy studied.

To apply to the fund, please go to https://chester.onlinesurveys.ac.uk/the-blackburn-fund

Our advice team can provide guidance on applying for the fund, and explaining what you may be entitled to apply for. If you would like any support with applying for the fund, please get in touch.