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Financial Help

Where to go if you need help


If you've made a budget and stuck to it, and you still find yourself in dire straits – don't panic. There are places you can turn and ways to find help. Here's a list of some of the options available to you while at University.


your employer


If you've managed to secure yourself a job while at university then this could be a way to get a bit more money. Obviously you're at university first and foremost to study, but if faced between going on a night out (where you're inevitably going to spend money) and taking an extra shift at work (where obviously you're going to be making money), you know what the sensible option is.

It may not be fun, but it's a better alternative than getting into worse money troubles. You could also chance it and ask for a pay rise; after all, if you don't ask, you don't get.


your family


You might not want to admit to your family you're struggling and need help, but if you've tried all other options and are still struggling, it might be your best option.

If you've run out of money because of overspending, you may have not gotten your budget quite right. Now might be a good time to sit down with your family and draw up another one – sometimes a few heads can be better than one on this sort of thing.


The University


Chester University has a financial assistance fund. If your situation has become desperate speak to CSU Advice to find out how to access this fund.


BEWARE! However bad you think things may have got, NEVER go to a payday lender. Payday lenders provide money to those they know can't pay it back, meaning you'll rack up massive interest.