Extensions and deferrals are options which you can apply for if you feel unable to complete your work to the best of your ability. These can also be referred to as Mitigating Circumstances. The University has created step-by-step guides showing how to apply for an extension or deferral, but if you’re unsure which is right for you or what evidence might be most suitable we can help.

The link to apply for an extension or deferral is here: https://v3apps.chester.ac.uk/oed/ (You will need to use your student login to access this page)

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Extensions can be for up to 7 days, or for 8 days or more. Extensions provide you with a little extra time to complete the work before submission. Extensions up to 7 days are self-certified, meaning you don’t need to provide evidence. Longer extensions require evidence with your application. 

Please Note: You can only apply for an extension before the deadline. If you have already applied for a 7-day extension and need more time, you will need to contact your department as a second 7-day extension application will not be counted.

Deferrals can be applied for before or after a deadline and will move the assessment deadline to the next assessment period. Deferrals require evidence of the circumstances affecting your ability to submit the work. If you’re unsure what evidence to provide, we can help with this. 

Please note: If you submit a piece of work, then successfully apply after the deadline then any mark you would have been awarded will be forfeit.

If you submitted your work late due to circumstances beyond your control, you may be able to apply to have the late work penalty waived. This will mean that any deductions which would have been taken will be reinstated. This process also requires evidence of the circumstances which occurred.

Important Checklist

  • Am I applying for the right process? (Extensions, deferrals, waiving of late penalty)
  • Have I selected the right components
  • Do I know what evidence to include?
  • Do I need to talk to someone before I submit this?
  • And finally, once I’ve submitted it – Do I have an email receipt to confirm it has gone through?

How Can the Advice Service help with Extensions and Deferrals?

If you’re finding the process difficult, the Advice Centre can help by:

  • Working out the right procedure for you
  • Reading through any explanations you wish to include
  • Confirming which evidence may be most appropriate
  • Advising on follow-up processes if you are unsuccessful

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