The Advice Service can help with complaints against the University. Unfortunately, we cannot help with complaints about or against the Union - more information on Union complaints can be found on this page.

Sometimes, you might be unhappy with how an issue has been handled by the University. This is where the complaints procedure comes in. Most complaints can be resolved informally, but if you feel that it needs to be taken further the Advice Service can help with this.

There are two main stages to the complaints process; informal complaints and formal complaints.

Informal complaints could include contacting a tutor to complain about an academic process or contacting the residential living team to complain about an issue with accommodation.

Formal complaints involve completing a complaints form outlining what you are unhappy with, what steps have been taken so far to solve the complaint, and what outcome you would like. The University will then investigate.

University Complaints Procedure

Student Complaints Form


How Can the Advice Service help with complaints?

The Advice Service can help with your complaint by:

  • Helping you to complete the complaints form
  • Explaining the procedure
  • Attending complaints meetings with you

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