Academic Appeals are one of the final University procedures that you can apply to if you have had difficulties completing an assessment or believe there were errors in the process. Appeals can be submitted after an Academic Integrity process, if a mitigating circumstances application is rejected, or after an awards board has met and you have received your official result.

If your deadline has not passed yet or has very recently passed, we would advise you to look into applying for an Extension or a deferral. More information can be found on this page.

There are some key facts to bear in mind when considering whether or not to appeal:

  • The grounds for appeal are limited to personal circumstances, procedural error, and assessment for specific learning difference since the submission.
  • You cannot appeal simply because you believe the marker got it wrong – this is called questioning academic judgement.
  • You have ten calendar days to submit an appeal
  • You will need to be able to provide evidence to support your appeal
  • The email to send your appeals to is

We have created a PDF Guide to explain the various sections of the form, and another to explain what will happen to your appeal once you’ve submitted it. The University also keeps all of its information on appeals at this link.


Academic Appeals Form AA-1

AA-1 Guidance Notes


[PDF Flowchart]

How can the Advice Service help with appeals?

Here at the Advice Service, we can help you by:

  • Explaining how to complete the appeals form
  • Reading through draft copies of the form before submission
  • Guiding you on what evidence may be most suitable. 

We do not have any say in the outcome of the appeal, but we can ensure you have explained your circumstances as clearly as possible. 

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