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Street Survival


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Modern Jiu-Jitsu is a style of self-defence based martial art developed from the Defensive Tactics Systems. We practice the best and most usable martial art based techniques for the streets, based off Jiu-Jitsu and incorporating elements from a number of fighting styles. Which is also taught to law enforcement by our head instructor.
We offer the most realistic and usable self-defence/martial art system in Chester!! If you have ever felt unsafe or concerned while on a night out or walking home or in any situation, then learning Street Survival will help you! -Main purposes of our society to its members:
  • Give you the best practical tools for defending yourself in everyday real situations.
  • To practise defence from a whole range of practical situations as well as jiu-jitsu groundwork and throws, as well as striking!
  • Be able to face a whole range of weapons and attack styles as you develop in the club.
If any of this sounds like something you would be interested in then come give it a go! We welcome complete beginners and experienced martial artists in our club! All you need is some comfortable sports clothing and trainers to join… all are welcome!
Summary of 2016/17:
  • Strong social aspect with other martial art clubs!
  • New name, new start for the club!
  • Many new members and female participation increased!
  • Ran great self-defence courses for all the martial arts clubs at Chester by our head coach.
  • Successful grading, multiple double and triple grade changes. Hopes for next year:
  • Continue increased club numbers and campus presence.
  • More social events throughout the year! .
  • To carry out charity work for first time.
  • Increase the amount of grading’s and courses per year.
Why should you join us?
  • To learn the most effective, practical self-defence in a fun, safe and rewarding environment (most realistic style available at Chester!)
  • We have a highly experienced instructor who teaches self-defence to law enforcement around the world. Previously being part of the armed response unit.
  • Fun and varied socials throughout the year, whether going out for a drink or going to the cinema and meals throughout the year.
  •  Have the chance to grade earning many coloured belts including the prestigious black belt.


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