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Rounders & Softball


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Welcome to the homepage for the University of Chester Rounders and sometimes Softball Team!

This year, we will be playing a mixture of rounders and softball in order to prepare for Varsity and future competitions alongside friendly matches.We also do a variety of different socials to bring everyone together to boost team moral and get to know each other so everyone feels included.We are only here to have a bit a fun and we don't take ourselves too seriously! All levels of skill, genders and ages are welcome, and we're set to have a brilliant year!
Last year we increased the amount of matches that we played with a consistently strong team against other universities and competed in Varsity for the first time ever, playing rounders and, for the first time, softball.We also raised lots of money for charity which resulted in the most we have raised as a sport ever! In 2017/18, we hope to increase our presence in the community and charity work through a variety of ways, and allow people to be more proactive in playing sport. We also want to improve our track record in competing against other universities to boost team confidence!
If you want to play sport but have not done so since high school, we're the society for you! We are a friendly group of people so you'll always feel at home with us and have a laugh whether we are competing or just training. In all, we are a great group of people who can help you settle into uni and help you along the way!

We look forward to meeting all of you!


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