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Rounders & Softball


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This year, we will be playing a mixture of rounders and softball in order to prepare for Varsity and future competitions alongside friendly matches with other sports teams and universities. We also do a variety of different socials to bring everyone together, boosting team moral and allowing you the chance to get to know other team members. We are only here to have a bit a fun and we never take ourselves too seriously! All genders, ages and levels of skill are welcome. Pop along to see us on the all-weather pitch (Tues 8-9pm & Fri 5-6:30pm) to participate in the fun year we have planned!

Last year we increased the number of matches that we played with a consistently strong team against other universities and competed in Varsity for the second time, playing a game of both rounders and softball. In 2018/19, we hope to increase our presence in the community and are looking to participate in charity work through fun activities for the whole team. We also want to improve our track record in competing against other universities to boost team confidence!

If you want to play a sport but have not done so since high school, we're the society for you! We are a friendly and inclusive group of people, so you'll always feel at home with us and have a laugh whether we are competing or just training. In all, we are a great group of people who can help you settle into university life and help you along the way!

We look forward to meeting all of you!


Chester Rounders and Softball, the quickest way to fourth base!


"I started playing for the team in the January of my second year and it proved to be the best thing that I decided to do. Not only do I have a fun place to blow off some steam and university stress, I found a place where I could meet new, like-minded people who give me a more extended social life." - Lewis Melia

"It was a really good laugh and there was no pressure to do well." - Ria Lucas

"I love playing rounders because it’s a sport for everyone and we always have a laugh. The team aren’t just my team, they’re my family." - Kirsty Chadwick

"Rounders and Softball gave me my second family throughout university, and I couldn't be more thankful for the experiences they've gave me over the past three years." - Elisha Langley

"As one of the least sporty people Rounders was a way of getting back into a sport without any pressure to succeed or to be the fittest. I have never met such a welcoming group of people who live to have a laugh." - Alicia Pitt


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