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Pole Fitness


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Pole Fitness is a workout that caters to a wide range of abilities, accepting those who have never even stepped near a pole to those who are highly advanced! For anyone that has tried to get into a fitness regime and failed or cannot find the motivation to go to the gym for a 'boring workout session', Pole Fitness is an excellent way to tone up and improve fitness whilst having FUN! 

We are very passionate about our sport and always make sure to come together as a family to make each member feel as welcome as possible. Whether an individual has concerns about something within the society or their personal life, we will always be there to support them. Socials are held each week, where you will get together with a group of amazing people and feel welcome.

Make sure to check out our social media pages and have a chat with any member of the committee to find out more. We hope to share our passion with you and join us in September!


 We are Chester Pole Fitness!


“Becoming a member of UoC Pole Fitness has really changed my life. I've grown in confidence, strength and ability so much and made so many incredible friends. I can't wait to be captain next year!” - Molly Rose

“This is my 3rd year at UoC Pole Fitness and I never thought I'd be able to accomplish the things I have. Pole Fitness has given me the greatest confidence boost and has taught me to overcome my limits.” - Victoria D-M

“Joining pole fitness has allowed me to gain more confidence, strength and flexibility. I have also met some lovely people over the last year and have been able to take advantage of experiences I wouldn’t have otherwise; it has made my last year of university a memorable one.” - Tasmin Jones






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