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Welcome to the Chester University’s Ultimate Frisbee homepage! We are the cheapest team sport, giving you the best experience.

This fast paced, action packed game is one of the fastest growing, up and coming sports across the world. The seven- a- side game is self- refereed and usually mixed gender, but with ever growing numbers we have potential for men’s and women’s teams this year.

We are a friendly team, passionate about recruiting new members and transferring our enthusiasm onto you. With weekly training sessions and numerous weekend away tournaments you’ll become obsessed with this addictive sport. This year we have competed in 7 tournaments across the country, participated in Varsity, and held various charity and community events.

Frisbee gives you the chance to show your competitive streak or just enjoy a casual throw with your friends, but always challenges you; whether that’s learning different throwing techniques or discussing game tactics. What enhances Ultimate’s uniqueness is its spirit which makes you feel a part of an inclusive community and only intensifies your love for the sport.

Want to try something new and exciting? This is the sport for you. Join us and you will never look back.


We spin it right round baby, right round


“Ultimate’s a fun and welcoming sport. I started in my first year and I can’t wait to play for the club in the year coming. I would highly recommend everyone to join and see new faces!” - Nathan Wong

“I began playing ultimate in my second year. Everyone feels like a family and it’s just great fun. Come along.” - Ben Castle

"Joining ultimate frisbee was one of the best decisions I made at Chester uni. It's such a fun and unique sport and I have made some incredible friends through playing". - Leah Dobbs


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