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Warrington Volleyball


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Welcome to the official homepage of the University of Chester Warrington Volleyball team.
This year we will be a part of a weekly league for anyone who has had an interest in being a part of Volleyball, and wants to be a part of a team with their friends to play against a wide range of different teams in the Cheshire, Wirral and Mersey area. We are very passionate about our little team and hope that you will join us to help share our passion in a growing sport! 
Our Volleyball team of 2016/2017 was a new team, which had its positives and negatives. Our main benefit was our passion for a sport that has been in our life's for only a short period of time. Our passion gave us motivation which led to a good amount of success but because we were new there were also losses. We would never give up and this led to the team giving everything we could to moving on wards and upwards!
I believe that students should join our team because it is a growing sport, which is highly competitive and catches the eyes of many people on social media. When i came to this University I had never played Volleyball before but ever since I began I want to play for a very long time. It is very entertaining, motivating, passionate and many students will make new friends.
All out, All game, All season!

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