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Quidditch is a competitive, full-contact and mixed gender sport, played throughout the year.The team is incredibly close and will be more than happy to welcome new players to the family!Join quidditch and you will get the opportunity to compete in various tournaments all over the country. These have previously included friendlies against other university teams such as Bangor, Keele, Manchester and Leeds, as well as national competitions such as Northern Cup, the British Quidditch cup, Whiteknights and Cottonopolis cup. Next year we will be competing in these competitions again and hopefully more! All tournaments are followed by amazing socials, where teams from all over the country can merge and have a laugh with one another, in the amazingly close quidditch community.
In 2016/17 Chester Centurions qualified at the Northern cup to compete at the British Quidditch Cup! We competed at Cottonopolis cup where we managed to remain reigning champions. For 2017/2018 the Centurions aim to improve further at the British Quidditch cup and get back into the upper bracket, hold our reign at Cottonopolis and return to Whiteknights with a bigger team for revenge! We are also hoping to hold our own competition again- ‘Costume Cup’, here in Chester.
Quidditch is an incredibly friendly and welcoming sport, which many people may view as ridiculous. However if you give it a try, you will find out that whilst it is ridiculous, it is an incredibly fun and competitive game which you get to play with the most lovely bunch of people in a sports community unlike any other. There is a place for everybody in this comical but addictive, competitive sport, so why not come and have a go? We look forward to seeing you!


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