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Lacrosse Men


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Welcome to the homepage for the University of Chester Men’s Lacrosse team. This year the club will have one team competing in the BUC’s league Northern 2A, will the aim of building on the back of a successful season last year which ended in promotion from Northern 3A. By continuing to develop current and new players, acting as an entry step to club and national level lacrosse. We are passionate about Lacrosse and our club and hope you will join us and share our passion for the fastest sport on two feet.

With the help of international coaching and the close partnership we have with the club team Liverpool and their club level players, the club spent last year creating a great foundation for new players to join and rapidly improve. This year the club is aiming to build upon the work of last year to further develop new and current players bringing their game onto higher levels, and thus driving the team forward into further success in both league and cup.

Join the fastest sport on two feet! Test your stamina, physicality and technique! Push yourself to new limits, whilst trying something new! We are a close-knit group and team unity is at the heart of the club; we play as a team and as one, helping each other to develop our game, to take it to the next level and expand lacrosse as a sport. We are ecstatic to be able to take on board new faces each year and take on bored anyone and everyone regardless of ability as there is a position for everyone. So, join us challenge yourself to try something new and play the fastest sport on two feet, you won’t regret it!


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