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Welcome to the University of Chester Fencing Club’s homepage. For our more ambitious fencers we will be competing in a number of national competitions next year including BUCS and the Merseyside Open Fencing tournament. As we compete individually it is up to each fencer which weapon they compete with meaning there are no restrictions.

Many of our fencers also fence for fun so we will be visiting and hosting other universities for smaller, friendly tournaments which allow people to improve their fencing ability and confidence. They’re a fantastic opportunity to talk to people within the club you may not have had chance to speak to before, there is always a great sense of community at these tournaments and they allow everyone to get involved.

We run a three-weapon club (épée, sabre and foil) and provide all the necessary kit and equipment so there’s no need to buy anything before coming to a session.

Joining a club at university really helps you to settle in and make friends. It’s definitely one of the best ways to get the most out of your experience. We are so passionate about getting as many people as we can involved in the sport and welcome fencers of all ability including complete beginners, we can’t wait to meet you!


Stab them before they stab you.


"I started fencing 1st year just to try something new and am now looking forward to going to competitions as team captain to support players and improve team spirit! I was quite nervous to try fencing but after the taster sessions I realised it's not as scary as I thought because it doesn't hurt and it's actually really fun." - Danielle Timmins

"I started fencing over 10 years ago and joined the club to carry on playing the sport and sharing my experiences. I’m in my 3rd year and have met some amazing people at the club across all courses and years. Fencing is definitely the best club!" - Hannah Vincent


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