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Welcome to the homepage for the University of Chester Men's Cricket!

This year we will have one BUCS outdoor league team, and we are hoping to get involved in the BUCS indoor league. We have a variety of training throughout the year, and it is a perfect opportunity for cricketers at every level to come down and get some practice in! We have built a very welcoming team over the years with some fantastic cricketers, and if you're keen on the sport then make sure you get involved. We are a passionate team and hope you will join (probably) the most popular summer sport at the University!

The 2017/2018 season was a fantastic year for the club, we had lot of our 3rd year crickets performing well along with some of the freshers. Sadly we did not have a 100% success rate. But we will come back to try win the 2018/19 season to be promoted. Although we didn't bag the league win we were after, there's comfort in the outstanding team we've built, and we are hoping to continue this in the 2018/2019 season and seize that league title!


Students should join cricket because it is a sport with a great balance between competition and entertainment. We are an incredibly competitive team on game day, and always strive for the win. However, we never take ourselves too seriously off the field, and so its a great environment to be in.  We are also growing as a club more each year, and it is definitely something to be a part of during your time at university!


If Carlsberg did cricket teams then we would probably be the best Cricket team at the University


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