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Body Building


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Welcome to the homepage of the University of Chester Bodybuilding Club!

We are a new club that is starting out this year and hope to establish our self's as one of the core sports societies of this university.

It is important to note that our club also welcomes the following types of "lifters" - powerlifters, Olympic style weightlifters, strongman, gym bro's.

For those who don't know Bodybuilding is a gym based activity where one completes a variety of exercises in order to increase muscle strength & size. It's an exciting sport to get into where the goal is to craft an aesthetically pleasing body trough training all while being supported by everyone else in the club. We prefer to let people train according to their own personal taste and style and as such have no restrictions on which gym our members join. We want our members to be free to achieve their personal goals in their own unique way instead of us molding everyone into the same sphere. Our once a week sessions are dedicated to exploring new exercises and training programes, making sure we have the correct form and catching up on any missed weekly sessions. That being said we have a weekly train with a random member program where members will train with a randomly picked other member of the club. New members are more then welcome to join seniors in their training sessions and learn directly from them. 


Saturdays 13:30 -15:30 at Breventis gym.

During the week training with other club members at a gym and time of your choice.

Newbies, intermediates and  advanced are welcome to join as we as a club cater to all experience categories. 

We are a new club and hope to turn our sport into a mainstream Chester university activity so come and join Bodybuilding.

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