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Body Building


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By joining MASS members have a choice of focusing on any of the following disciplines- bodybuilding (including physique), powerlifting, fitness training, weightlifting & strongman training. We cater to all experience categories. It is our goal and mission to promote health and fitness on campus.  We are affiliated to the national confederation of Muscle & Athletic Sport Societies around the UK. This affiliation gives our club benefits other clubs do not get. Firstly, we are sponsored by Maxi Muscle and get free merchandise annually. Secondly, our committee is accountable not only to the SU but to MASS HQ, which gives members and extra layer of comfort and support.

In addition, we offer our member the option to compete. MASS HQ hosts the annual SPC (Student Physique Championships) where students and MASS members exclusively from all around the UK compete in bodybuilding (male/female), physique (male/female) and bikini/figure (female).  For powerlifting, like last year we find local gyms who host competitions and sign up members wanting to test their strength.

Training is as following:

  • Every Wednesday at 13:30 we have a group free for all session in the same gym. Everyone attends this session and gets on with whatever they want to train but we all are there to help and support each other.
  • Once a week (times to be announced) is the discipline specific training session where all the bodybuilders, powerlifters etc. Come together to train according to their specific style and goals.
  • Advanced sessions will be booked later on in the year prior to competitions or big events. Advanced sessions are workshops where we focus on learning poses for bodybuilders/physique members or have specially tailored sessions to increase the strength of powerlifters prior to comps or big lifts.
  • Fun sessions will take place over the course of the year when appropriate. This can include events such as a pose down for the bodybuilders or a mini comp for the weight/powerlifters and strongman.
  • The abovementioned sessions are not enough to maintain a healthy physique or strength therefore we expect members to train in their own time in addition to attending group training.

IMPORTANT – The two gyms we use are the University gym and Pure Gym. We advise our members to get memberships with one of those as sessions will take place there.


No pain no MASS!


"Mass has been one of the best choices I've made this year not only has it benefited physically but also socially. It's helped give me that push I needed to improve my fitness and even helped me find a gym partner Id highly recommend the society for beginners and intermediate as their will be someone to answer ur questions and give u support..." - K. Ramadan


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