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The University of Chester’s Archery club welcomes everyone with all, whether your new to the sport or have had years of experience, you can find something for you! Our weekly training sessions are designed to allow everyone to develop their archery skills by building on your existing knowledge with the help of fellow members and trained coaches. This year we are supporting the charity Mind. The charity aims to help those struggling with mental health. Throughout the academic year there will be a number of charity events to help support those in need.

All members have the opportunity to compete in both friendly games with neighbouring Universities or in larger competitions such as: BUCS, NEUAL and Varsity. Members from our team have even been able to compete at national finals. Those new to competition work closely with experienced members and coaches to ensure the best possible experience at competitions.

The club can offer a great distraction from the everyday stress found at University by offering a constructive release. Our committee team works closely with every member and coaches to create a supportive atmosphere whereby everyone feels valued and welcome. Why not join Archery today and experience a free taster session and become a member of a quickly expanding society!


Katniss Couldn’t Make This Squad!


“I went to the taster sessions just to have a go but stayed for the friendly atmosphere and amazing friends that I’ve made over the past two years. Archery has enabled me to meet loads of new people and do something different.” - Hiran Maher

“I joined Archery to have a go at sports I’d never thought of doing, but now I can’t see my time at University without it. It has instilled a discipline and confidence in me that has allowed me to step up and become a committee member in my second year and then Captain in my third year. Archery has allowed me to meet amazing people and to make friends for life!” - Sophie Billingham

“I joined Chester with no interest in joining and any sport or society throughout my three years. However, I was dragged to an archery taster session in my second year by my friends and I haven’t looked back since! I would recommend joining any sport or society to anyone from the University. Archery has allowed me to really come out of my shell, making me who I am today. I went from never wanting to be part of a club to a committee member within a year. My advice to everyone is to go to at least one taster session. It can honestly change your entire time at university.” - Eleanor Culverhouse

“I joined the Archery club to continue a sport I had already enjoyed for a number of years. I have found the club to be very welcoming and friendly and have enjoyed shooting with a new group of friends. Participating in competitions including Varsity for the first time has really boosted my confidence allowing me to become a committee member in my final year. I have made many new friends through Archery who have encouraged me to be more outgoing and to join in with events. If you are interested in trying something different I would defiantly recommend joining the Archery Club!” - Charlotte Carver

“Archery is a sport which I had done leisurely for a number of years before university. UOC Archery is a very welcoming and light-hearted club which I joined to continue my hobby, nut joining the club also allowed me to pursue (and enjoy!) competitive archery – something which I’d never done (nor considered doing) before and have been able to compete at national level in both my first and second year at University. Being part of this club has helped me make many good friends and allowed me to grow in great confidence and as a person.” - Alexander Kippax


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