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American Football


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This is the homepage for the University of Chester American football team. We are The Legion!
Unlike most of the sports in BUCS, we are one that integrates both males and females together; American Football is a sport for everyone, with so many positions all requiring different skillsets, anyone can play. Whether you’ve played before or want to try out a new game, you will be welcomed with open arms at The Legion!
Last year was the Legions first in BUCs league with a team compiled mostly of rookies. We had a Shaky start to the year with our first ever game against the newly promoted Leeds Gryphons, but as the year progressed we became stronger; our defence was tighter and our offence started to make plays. There was momentum that we’re looking to forward to taking into the new season. Some very exciting news for the new season is that we have introduced a whole new coaching unit to the team, comprised of some of the most highly regarded coaches in the country. With new players who are passionate about putting in the hard work and this newly formed coaching squad to show us the way, there is no reason we can’t shake up the 2A North BUCS division!
We need players for every position. The larger our squad the better chance we have of winning. Every position requires different skill sets, from the speed and agility of a receiver, to the brute strength of a lineman. It doesn’t matter what size or build you are, there is a position for you. Put aside any preconceptions you have of the sport, being small can be an advantage. If you’re worried about not making the cut then don’t, all we ask is that you give 100 % effort and commitment into improving individually and as a team. If you can do that then you will be rewarded with game time. American Football is the ultimate team game and through this we are proud of having one of the most inclusive, close knit teams at the University of Chester.
Most people won’t have played before but with some of the best coaches in the country to teach you, now is the best time to take up one of the fastest growing sports in the UK and join one of this year’s most exciting teams!

Respect All, Fear None.


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