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Theology and Religious Studies


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Hello, one and all, to the Theology and Religious Studies Society Page
Hopefully that name hasn’t put you off. In short we are a group seeking to further our understanding the academic study of theology and religions (and all that those entail) in a more relaxed environment.
If you have an interest, or are perhaps studying TRS or a related subject at the University of Chester, then why not become a member of the newest (and hottest!) society in Chester?
This is our first year as an official society, however last year we held a few events and, from there, discussion began relating to creating a society encompassing our passions for theology and religious studies, and so here we are today.Throughout the year we intend to host a whole variety of events, including; Debate nights, “An evening with…” (in which we have guest speakers come in to talk about topics close to their hearts), and most importantly charity events to raise money for campaigns that are close to ours (hearts, that is).
If you like discussing, debating, and learning about religion (and the broader spectrum of topics that might involve) then this is the society for you. We also strive to be a place for making friends, having fun, and a guaranteed great time during any event!

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