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Swing Dance


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Welcome to Swing Dance society!

We're a fun loving group of dancers who give Lindy Hop and Charleston dance classes every week. We are very involved with the swing dance community of Chester and surrounding areas so there's always lots of social dancing to enjoy and many new people to meet in a number of fantastic events throughout the year! Everyone is welcome and we look forward to meeting all who want to come along.
As a society we took part in many events throughout 2016/17 such as charity dancing with the Cheshire Swing Cats and taking part in the society showcase. We have also participated in a Lindy Exchange within the Cheshire area and many of us went to York and also Nottingham for their weekend of swing called Nottinjam. In 2017/18 we want to continue going to the events such as the events mentioned above as well as trips to Manchester where we can enjoy social dancing a bit closer to home too. We will also have some great socials right here in Chester so keep an eye out for all the announcements on our social media sights!
If you're looking for a relaxed atmosphere with lots of opportunities to meet lots of friendly and fun new people then this is the society for you! We're a fairly new society but we have solid foundations and a loyal team following.
If you don't take yourself too seriously and love to dance like no one is watching then come to a taster session and you'll never look back.


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