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Swing Dance


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Welcome to the homepage for the University of Chester Swing Dance society. We are a  fun-loving and enthusiastic group of dancers who give fun, enthusiastic dance lessons every week of which the basic steps, new steps and dances will be taught. This gives you the chance of learning something new every week whilst developing your skills. Not only do we teach you the steps but we have the opportunity to showcase them and practice them in social dancing. Last year we have been lucky enough to practice and learn the basic swing dance techniques at ‘Mersey Swing’ in Liverpool, we performed the ‘Shim-sham’ at the pole-fitness showcase. Our most notable achievement being that we had been chosen as ‘members choice society of the year’ with our wonderful president Ellena voted as ‘female personality of the year.’

By joining swing dance, you will discover the basis step such as the rock step as well as the swingout of which includes the Lindy hop and the Charleston. By learning a combination of solo material and partnered material, not only will it help with your confidence within yourself but also within the range of different moves we do whilst performing.

It ain’t what you do it’s the way that you do it’

Kathryn Walsh ‘I really enjoyed swing dance this year. I got to meet people from courses I don't normally get the chance to interact with. Also, while classed as a society, swing dance gave me the chance to get some exercise as I don't like most sports. It holds a fun, inclusive atmosphere and I can't wait to see what next year brings.’


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Review of 2017/18

Swing Dance Review of 2017/18

Tue 10 Jul 2018





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Updated Tue 10 Jul 2018