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Bienvenido a la sociedad española!
We are a very friendly group where anyone and everyone is welcome to join us in the Spanish society.  Whether you are Spanish, studying Spanish or just want to learn/practise the language. Don't worry if you don't know any Spanish as you don't need have any knowledge of the language to in order to join this society. 

Joining the Spanish society will give you the opportunity to be able to experience Spanish culture and be able to learn and speak the beautiful language with friendly people and possible new friends. A goal for the society this year is to have more members than last year and to create a social and friendly atmosphere that makes people want to come back every week.

We will have sessions once a week where we shall do a variety of Spanish themed activities. Furthermore, we shall go on Latin themed nights out and trips out to different places. 

We look forward to meeting and seeing you soon!

Hasta pronto! 



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