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Psychology (CUPS)


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Hi there, and welcome to the Chester University's Psychology Society page!

Psychology is a subject which can be discussed by anyone and everyone. So whether you are a Psychology Undergraduate, or just have a general interest on the topic: come join us for our weekly meetings, where we discuss areas broadening from mental health, to topical media happenings.

As well as this, we will be holding events throughout the year, including weekly themes socials, charity events and lots of other fun and rewarding opportunities. The more opinions, the better, so come along and have fun voicing yours.
2016 / 2017 was an incredibly successful year for CUPS. Not only did we almost double in our members, but we also raised more money than ever for our nominated charity: PAPYRUS. We did this through amazingly successful bake sales and the annual Student VS. Lecturer and Acoustic Night socials. With these successes in mind, we aim to continue this on in the years of 2017 / 2018. We've become like a tight-knit family this year, and with a lot of our members being third years, we're looking for some new, passionate and interested members to join our lovely community. 
CUPS is a great outlet to be able to make new friends; voice your opinion and discuss genuinely interesting and current topics of discussion in the area today. Whether you are studying Psychology as a part of your degree, or even if you have an interest in the area, anyone is free to come along and see what we're about! It's also a really straight forward society to be a part of, with the weekly meetings not being compulsory, you can be an avid member by simply attending as many sessions as you can.


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