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Kingsway Theatre Company


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Hello and welcome to the Kingsway Theatre Company homepage!

We’re a society dedicated to creating contemporary theatre; if that sounds like a bit of you feel free to join us

The Kingsway Players has been running since 2016 and our current committee has grown with the society – this has left a group of people who are dedicated to the society and to creating brilliant pieces of theatre!

Across the two years we’ve been around we have put on three pieces of theatre; Chances, Hearts’ desire and Chasing Angels

If you’d like to see these in action check out our Youtube Channel Kingsway Players and search “Kingsway Players ‘Heart’s Desire’” (Have a cheeky subscribe whilst you’re there!)

If you like what you see check out our other social media outlets,

We’re on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat all with the username “Kingsway Players” (Simple and effective, just like us!)

With these social media outlets you can keep updated and feel a part of the little family we’ve created here

Our society offers another approach to drama from the two pre-existing societies. We offer lots of roles, plenty of time for socials, a laugh and the promise of a run of shows on at the end of the year. We're not trying to make the best show, we make shows which we are proud of with a process which brings you into a community of drama lovers or people who just want to experience being a part of theatre!

Any questions email our president Ashlyn @ 1603176@chester.ac.uk – who is more than happy to help you out

Thanks once again for coming to our homepage- Have a poke around and make yourself at home!




"Before attending the Kingsway Players I was unsure if it would be for me because I’ve done theatre from such a young age but after going to a few sessions I wanted to stay. The Kingsway Players has an incredibly friendly and energetic atmosphere. I felt very welcome like I’d known the other members for months not days! Also, I felt little to no pressure from anyone and I have thoroughly enjoyed every session I have spent there!" - Chris Smith


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