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International Students


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Welcome to the International Society Page

A place for everyone from any background. In our society, we will hold international movie nights, Lantern Festivals, Diversity Festivals, outdoor activities and national (UK) trips among many other events.
We aim to make the most out of our time in Chester by running weekly events. With our committee's weekly meetings and your input, we will hold events that best suit you. You will always be notified a week before any event takes place and with an active Facebook group, there is no way you can miss out. We welcome everyone and promise that your University life will be unforgettable.
In 2016/17 we have hit the membership target as well as being able to get more members involved in society's activities, which helped us to learn more about international and traditional cuisine. While our activities were focused on a range of events, our promotion techniques were lacking time management and creativity. This year steps have already been taken to plan out most of this year's activities. Moreover, through using Facebook and designing new posters/flyers, we are better prepared for the year ahead. We are hoping to cooperate with more societies in order to create more opportunities for our members to explore various cultures. Furthermore, we will collaborate with International Centre to plan more affordable trips around the UK.
We have more to offer than just one society. We want to make the most out of your time in Chester no matter where you are from. So join up and start making friends from all over the globe and make sure you're free for Saturday's sushi night. There is more to do and see in the International Society!


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