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Harry Potter


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Welcome all Witches, Wizards, Beasts and Muggles of every variation to the Harry Potter Society homepage.
We believe that while many of us "may come from different places and speak in different tongues our hearts beat as one".
Throughout the year we will be putting together many different activities from games, quizzes, murder mysteries to Hogwarts classes. Another thing to look forward to as a member of the Harry Potter Society is our annual Yule and Summer Balls, trip to the Harry Potter Studio in London, many charity events and socials. Our Collaborative magazine, The Quester, created by our Quester and Chief and the Centurions Quidditch Club, will bring you all the best news, secret whispers and shenanigans that you could ever need.
Charity has always been greatly important to our society and it's members, in 2016/ 2017 we raised over £600 for Caudwell Children through activities such as movies marathons, promise auctions and quizzes. In addition, we began the amazing Quidditch Pong Tournament which we will continue next year! We hope that in the year to come to gain more members, raise more money for another charity chosen by our members and provide an amazing experience for everyone involved. We welcome you, each and every one of you, to an awesome society who believes and ensure that happiness is found even in the darkest of times.
In 2016/ 17, we exceeded our target for the amount of members we have, raised over £600 for Caudwell Children, created so many amazing experiences for both our members and for the wider university community and we came joint second for the Society of the Year award.
In 2017/ 18 we hope to yet again exceed our target for new members, raise even more money for our members chosen charity and win the society of the year award. But most importantly we will ensure that we continue to create amazing and magical experiences for our members and the members of the university.
Students should join our society to join a family of likeminded witches and wizards to escape into the Harry Potter Universe and gain both academic support and real friendship and support.  


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