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Games Development


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If you’re interested in content creation, programming, design or just video games in general then you may want to join the Games Development Society!

What you can expect from GDS this year:

  • The return of GameBlast, a 24-hour gaming event charity raising money for SpecialEffect that’s streamed in full to Twitch, in 2019. The GameBlast event is whole load of fun and for a great cause, we managed to raise over £200 last year!
  • A game developed by all the members of the society, shipped and published on Steam before the academic year is out.
  • Involvement in Game Jams such as Ludem Dare.

The game that we’re going to develop will be small in scope and will be in the vain of a ‘WarioWare’ game, featuring many smaller minigames that will be developed by smaller teams. We’re hoping that we get teams that feature all different skill levels from different year groups too. Our weekly meetups will pretty much be touching base on where the game is up to and working on it, hopefully with the minigames being small in scope, people can work on them at their own pace. It’s going to be great fun and a massive learning experience for everyone involved, and for those wanting to break into the games industry: having a shipped game you’re credited on before you even graduate listed on your CV will be a massive advantage!

PLEASE NOTE: All our sessions, except for the charity event, will be located at the Thornton Science Park campus. Only students who are on courses that are based at Thornton Science Park will have access to the site, so please keep this in mind before paying your DoC.


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