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Disney Society is the family that is always there for you when you want to relive the magic of childhood and find out what’s Just Around the Riverbend. Be Prepared for games nights, making Mickey Mouse baubles, or just curling up and watching a film together- there’s no better way to escape the stress of uni and just Let It Go.

We’re going to be doing two weekly sessions, Tuesdays and Fridays (although we’re more than happy to change this if people would prefer different days). All sessions will be held from 7pm-10pm however this may change if we go out on group trips. The location at the moment is changing constantly so if you would like to know where a session is held, Email 1803887@chester.ac.uk for more details. Every two weeks we’ll have a Disney Quiz and film night, each with a different theme. We’ll also be doing all kinds of crafts, games nights, and so many more great evenings!

Last year, we were so lucky to go and see Aladdin on the West End. It was incredible, and something we plan to do every year. The idea for 2020 is to go and see The Lion King on the West End! However, we’re open to any other theatre productions that people would like to see?

Everyone is beyond welcome to join! Come and join our big, magical family and make sure the Dreams that you Wish Will Come True.


The Happiest Society on Earth!


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