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The mission of the University of Chester’s Debating Society is to let thoughts and ideas thrive. We are the society that seeks to facilitate the discussion, arguing, screaming and shouting of the topical issues of the day in a friendly, welcoming and inclusive environment. In the past we’ve debated free speech, war, Brexit, abortion, Syria, immigration, refugees, feminism, terrorism, taxation, the monarchy and... most importantly, which pubs to go to after.

We’re a society that encourages free speech and politeness. We’re a society that has thrived on an eclectic mix of members from all walks of life and of all opinions joining, putting their respective cases across and then getting on with each other at the end of it. Whether you are left wing or right wing, political or non-political, religious or non-religious, boring or not boring, you are without a shadow of a doubt very much welcome to join our Debating Society!

Our events are fun and allow you to develop yourself, and our socials range from rigorous argument-fests to the usual… um, alcohol influenced outings.

Welcome, and enjoy!


Debating provides an excellent forum to discuss current events in a safe space and meet like minded students etc" – Niall, 1716258


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