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The Archaeology society provides a wide range of fun activities for its members. A prominent feature of the society is the experimental work we do, in previous years we have made prehistoric arrows, weaved baskets and glass knapping, this year we aim to continue our experimentations with plans to experiment with the dying of materials, more knapping, making weaved nets and baskets as well as a large group project and much more. Trips are also organised by the society with plans for a day out to visit the historical sites and museums, our last excursion was an exciting visit to see the terracotta warriors at the Liverpool museum. Finally, the society also puts on social events for its members from fancy dress nights to Christmas parties and summer bbq’s, this year we plan to continue these and add more events such as movie and games nights and group meals. If you are interested in archaeology and the past or would just like to know more join our society to make friends and delve into the past with us!


"I love the close-knit group that the archaeology society creates, allowing questions about archaeology to be discussed, explored and answered. The society has allowed me to visit exciting museum exhibits I didn’t think possible to see and provide many days of fun with my friends, it’s a society worth joining." - Sophie Billingham


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Archaeology 2017/18
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Updated Tue 10 Jul 2018