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Green Party


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Welcome to the Green Party page
We want to live in a world where the environmental dangers threatening our world are taken serious, a country where high quality health care is available to everyone, and children go to well-equipped schools no-matter their background, schools that inspire their desire to learn, rather than force them to churn out endless exam papers. Where the most vulnerable members of society, from Britain and abroad, are given the assistance they need and the respect they deserve, rather than being scorned and despised. We want to live in a kinder, more progressive world, and we want to make that happen. 
What do you know about the Green Party? Did you know that we have co-leaders? Did you know the NHS, education, and the economy are three of the main focuses of our 2017 manifesto? Did you know the Green Party stepped aside in a number of seats to help Labour MPs keep seats that were at risk of being taken by the conservatives in the last election? The Green Party is often overlooked or misrepresented in the media, so join us to find out what it really means to be a green. 
Whatever your political involvement, understanding, or party, everyone is welcome at the Green Party. We aim to educate, debate, and make a difference. Join us for news quizzes, political games and activities, campaigns, debates, film nights, and much more. 
Last year we attended protests, including one against badger culling, and another against Theresa May’s relationship with President Trump. We visited the Global Greens Congress. We held debates and discussions about current social and political events, we sponsored an Otter (called Oscar), and we held frequent film nights, and a number of beach cleaning trips. We won the Responsible Futures award, and came second for both Society of the Year, and Members Choice Award.
This year we want to do all this and more! More protests, more debates, more trips. We want to attend more Green Party conferences, and other Green Party events. We want to get more involved in the community, showing the good the Green Party can do on a local level, and we want to hold more charity events, both on campus and in the wider community. We want to, and we will, do all of this, but we need the numbers. We need you to join the University of Chester Green Party Society. Whatever your political beliefs, whatever year you're in, whatever your age, join us. 
If you want to learn more about the Green Party, the world of politics, and you want to make a difference to your community, join us at the University of Chester Green Party Society. If you believe in a progressive future, human rights, and a safe, clean environment, join us. 


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