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Welcome to the Esports Gaming Society page

If you play any PC games such as: League of Legends, Overwatch, CS GO, Dota2, then this society is for you! We come together twice a week to a room full of PC's so when we game, we can play together and find new friends who play the same game.We are hoping to include some events and activities throughout the year including watching world championships with a projector. Hope to see you there!
Last year we, acquired more members, more games are now available to play. Headsets are now available to use instead of bringing your own. A couple of socials and events occurred. In 2017/18, I would like to see more events like a charity event, more socials, more society members, a competitive team to play other universities, coaching sessions from better players and include streaming at the LAN parties.The society is a place to gather gamers that go to Chester university, so it is easy to find new friends with the same interest.
Play together instead of playing alone at home and attend viewing parties if a major gaming competition is on as more people cause a better atmosphere.You can learn from other players to perform better. Good place to game from as the ping is better than from home therefore there is no lag and gaming on PC's are better than your laptop you bring to university.

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