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Bienvenue à la société des cultures françaises et francophones !

The society welcomes everyone who has an interest in French and Francophone cultures! Anyone who studies French, is French or just wants to learn about different cultures is welcome to join us!

We have many exciting plans for the upcoming year that offer a wide range of opportunities to experience different cultural aspects with people that share a passion for French and Francophone cultures! We will be holding weekly meet-ups where we will explore different things, including cinema, music and food, by playing games, doing quizzes and many other activities. Each month we will also host language exchange cafes, which are welcome to everybody no matter their level of French! These are a great opportunity for French students to practice and develop their spoken skills as well as for the Erasmus students to improve their English. Each fortnight we will be holding themed socials that will be great fun!

Joining societies are a great way of meeting new people and making friends, so if you have an interest in new cultures then why not come along and meet like-minded people!

We look forward to welcoming members to the society and creating our own community of similar people that enjoy engaging in new cultures!

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