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The University of Chester Debating Society is the home of free speech on campus where students committed to free and open discussion can meet and have it out. We are constantly expanding the types of debates our members can engage in, with plans this year to introduce new mock 'trials' for historical and political figures, and even the development of a new Houses system for which members can take part in competitions and earn awards for themselves and their House.
We are not a politics-only society, however we do of course cover relevant and controversial political topics. Past events have included debates on life after death, free will, and free speech on campus. Members will also have many opportunities to run their own debates in the society on topics of their choosing.
Debates usually either take the form of team debates, parliamentary-style speaker debates (including as many outside speakers as we can get), general discussions, or some combination thereof. No one will be expected to give the best speech of their lives on the first day, or at all if they do not want. We are about debating, but also learning to debate, focusing your skills, and providing a space where students of any ability can get involved and learn from other members.
Upon joining members will sign our constitution and be able to join their house. They will then be able to jump straight in and start speaking at debates or just observe, whatever they want. But no matter what any individual, opinion and form of expression are welcome. We look forward to meeting you.
2016/17 has allowed the society to start to grow and now it is time for proper structure, traditions, and community. As well as introducing new debate formats such as mock 'trials' where members will sit-in as political or historical figures, we are establishing our constitution based on shared values of free expression and tolerance, and creating a new House system for members to compete under. 
Debating Society is a great place to make friends that you'll keep throughout all of your degree. We have members from all walks of life and of all opinions, studying a wide range of degrees and holding a wider range of interests. Our events are fun and allow you to develop yourself, and our socials range from rigorous argument-fests to your usual society outings. There is no better place to make a name for yourself on campus and you'll have a great community behind you to help you find your way through university life.

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