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Anime Manga


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 Welcome to the homepage for the University of Chester Anime & Manga society. Probably the biggest collection of nerds at the University whether it be Gaming, Trading Cards and (of course) Anime & Manga.

We’re Anime & Manga at the core of things but even if haven't given either a go you'll find something you love and as one of the University's cheapest societies to join there really is no reason not to give us a try. Many of our members joined the society without much or any experience or knowledge on the subject but have grown to love it!

We meet twice a week on Monday and Wednesday, on Monday sessions we watch one or two episodes of three series chosen and voted for by our members every term, this allow everyone to watch series they never would’ve considered before, you may even find a new favourite! The fun doesn’t end after the session though as we also head to the SU bar to enjoy a good drink and some laughs, as well as Karaoke! Wednesday sessions are different every week, whether it be a Movie, Video Games, Board Games or one of our monthly socials where we have a fun time as a group wherever we go! We also organise our own yearly Japanese culture convention as well as hold smaller charity events all throughout the year.

Whether you decide to become a member or take part in any of our charity events we hope you’ll have a good time and enjoy Anime & Manga!


Anime & Manga, see what it’s about!


"When I first joined the society I had very little knowledge about Anime & Manga, after 2 years I struggle to think what my life would be like if I never joined the society to give it a shot! I see the society more as a family than a simple gathering, everyone’s so nice to be around and every sessions always a blast!" - Thomas Winstanley

"I first joined the society with no idea of what to expect but after only two sessions I already felt welcome and valued. The society is like your family away from home and the barrel of laughter needed on a gloomy day. Joining the society helped me smile on rainy days and helped me stay motivated in university." - Craig Sales-Jackson


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