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Adventist Students on Campus


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The Chester SDA society is a Christian society that aims to support students, whether they are from a Seventh Day Adventist background or not. We are a new society that just started this year (2018) and have many exciting plans to look forward to. We are also very much open to more ideas from new students who decide to join. We aim to create a warm and enjoyable community to give students that home feeling while at university.

As a Christian society, we strive to keep God at the centre of our lives and use the Bible as a guide on how to live and what to believe in. Therefore our activities and events will be based around Christianity and will include a range of different things. Some examples on what to expect include: intriguing discussions, in-depth bible studies, health events (e.g. exercise & cooking), music/singing events, fun games/activities, community service (e.g. litter picking & homeless feeding), films/documentaries, Q&A’s, outreach activities, ETC. There will also always be snacks and drinks available as well as planned fellowship meals.

Prayer will be key at every meeting as we need Gods help to get us through our time at university as we experience many different things. Love and faith will be the driving forces for this society, as the bible says in 1 Thessalonians 5:11 “Encourage one another and build each other up”.


Adventist students on campus


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