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Societies Awards


Society Commitment Award (Society)

The award of society commitment award is awarded in final year.

  1. Members must have participated in 75% of organised activities in a Society during their three years at University and demonstrated the necessary commitment and positive attitude towards the Society.

Exceptionally nominations will be considered from HND Students or Post Graduates who have met the above criteria in less than the stated three years.

The Sports & Societies Working Group will give consideration to students who would have undoubtedly met the requirements for the above criteria but who, because of mitigating circumstances beyond their control, have been unable to fulfil their commitment.

Presidents MUST complete the link to submit the form SOCIETY COMMITMENT 


Society Personality 2018 (Male & Female)

One nomination per sports/society.

The application MUST be completed by the President

Please click on the link to submit your application SOCIETY PERSONALITY


Members Choice Award 2018 (Society)

One nomination per sport/society.

The members’ choice award is the team and society that have gone the extra mile.

The application MUST be completed by the President.

Please click on the link to submit your application MEMBERS CHOICE