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Your Sabbatical Officers 2017/18


Elections - FAQs

Everything you needed to know but forgot to ask

Its Not All Rubbish!

120 students braved the cold to clean up Garden Quarter

Are you the next Vice President Education?

In March students get the chance to vote in the next group of officers and Vice President Education is one of the crucial roles up for election.



If lectures were recorded and made available online, how likely would you be to still attend the lecture?

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Opportunities and Events

The Big Idea

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    Our very own CSU. TV Student Channel

      Communication is something that we lack across the University of Chester and we want to make sure that all students are connecting from different campuses and knowing exactly where the activities and opportunities are. Having our very own student led student channel will allow students to share good practice, gain media experience and know what's on! Vote yes :)
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