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Your Sabbatical Officers 2017/18


Sports and Societies are record-breaking fundraisers!

Students at the University of Chester have raised a phenomenal £43,244 for charity this academic year, through the Chester Students’ Union (CSU) Sports and Societies– and the total is still growing.

NUS Conference 2018

Here is a blog update from the delegates that were elected to go to the 2018 NUS Conference, where many Students Union across the country attend and elect the next National Officers and vote on policies for the student movement.

Students celebrate their Varsity wins

Students at the University of Chester are celebrating their sporting victory over two Varsity competitions.



Opportunities and Events

The Big Idea

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    Better laundry facilities on campus.

      Students are currently charged an extortionate £4 to wash and dry their clothes, yet the facilities are constantly dirty or broken. Quite often students are paying to have the clothes soaked by faulty machines. Some students have also had their clothes damaged. We need more affordable, efficient and clean machines. Students pay a premium to use these facilities.
    Katharine Andrews
    7:57pm on 9 May 18 I take my washing to the local laundrette now, which is more expensive but at least I know my clothes are actually being cleaned properly.



    Buy Your Doc