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Your Officers 2018/19


Happy Healthy Students

CSU launch new strategic vision to create a campus of happy & healthy students.


The official line up for the 1839 Student Led Teaching Awards for 2018.

Sports and Societies are record-breaking fundraisers!

Students at the University of Chester have raised a phenomenal £43,244 for charity this academic year, through the Chester Students’ Union (CSU) Sports and Societies– and the total is still growing.



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The Big Idea

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    50 voters

    Vegan shop/stall

      A place which has clear dietary options for vegans, vegetarians, those with intolerances and allergies
    Stephanie Allison
    2:18pm on 23 Mar 18 Totally happy and would love this! Lactose intolerance makes it super difficult to buy food when out!
    Dede Kouevi
    11:49am on 28 Mar 18 Yes please. There are a few sandwiches that are vegan in the SU if there was a section for them and if there were more options it would be great to be able to shop there more, I often walk in look and walk out due to limited options. Thanks for this em!
    Jack McGovern
    1:32pm on 24 Apr 18 Great to see that this has hit 50 votes, this has been passed and hopefully we can now implement this into the SU shop!