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WHAT DO I DO: As your president I am the lead spokesperson for the Students’ Union, my role is to represent all students to the University, and represent you on a local and national scale.

WHAT I LOOK TO ACHIEVE: My aim is to ensure you leave University having had the best memorable experience. I hope to do this in the healthiest and stress freeway, so be sure to keep an eye out for our events, campaigns and advice. During my time as a student, I have always followed my very own personal ‘Work hard play hard’ policy; meaning, your experience is just as important as your degree. You pay a lot for your degree so why not leave with even more than ‘just a degree’!







JAMIE BROWN (VP Education)

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WHAT I DO: As your Vice President Education moving into my second year of the job, my two big projects for the year continue to be StARs and the CSU Above and Beyond Awards.

WHAT I LOOK TO ACHIEVE: We’ve made some changes this year to StARs, involving both undergraduate and postgraduate students, as well as diversifying how we train students, so keep your eyes open for it! We’ll also be launching our second “Out of this World” themed teaching awards this January so make sure to get involved! There’ll be lots of exciting surprises throughout the year too!






ETHAN WADE (VP Activities)

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What I do: What up gang! I’m Ethan, Vice President Activities and responsible for not only giving you the best student experience, but helping create an amazing, jam packed active year. With Societies and Sports meeting each week, to Activity away day trips. From Society Showcase to Varsity 2017 vs. Salford! My self and the Activities Team cannot wait for you all to get involved and make this year the best one yet!

What I look to achieve: CSU have more offerings than ever this year including Intermural Sport for those that just want to have some fun and learn a new sport, to give it a Go session’s give you a taste of what we offer. Also, with the CH1 Bar Team we will be bringing you exciting events throughout the year, making sure that each and every one of you can come and join in the with the festivities. I can’t wait to meet you all, so be sure to make yourself known and good luck with your year!







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WHAT I DO: Hey guys! My role as VP Warrington means my main objective is to ensure that all students are treated equally across all campuses, focusing on student’s individual needs, ensuring they are valued as an integral member of the university.

WHAT I LOOK TO ACHIEVE: Improving engagement of activities and opportunity for students on the Warrington Campus, providing a sense of pride in their involvement.

I also want to ensure that you all leave university having gained all the relevant experience needed, but at the same time, having the best time!





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