Chester Students’ Union affiliates to the National Student of Students (NUS) paying an annual fee of circa £15,000. This is the national body that represents all British students and also provides support and trading benefits to the Union’s commercial services.



NUS is responsible for the NUS Extra Card. This is a national discount card that brings you over 200 UK discounts and 42,000 international discounts. It can only be purchased directly from the NUS website.  You can now have this sent directly to your home or student address and you can purchase the card for up to 3 years.

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We are represented with the National Union of Students.


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Your delegates are responsible for representing your student voice with the National Union of Students. Each year there is a NUS National Conference in which your chosen representatives attend in order to give a voice to the students with three main areas; voting in national elections, vote on policy and vote on reports.

National Elections

Elections will take place for the national president, five national vice-presidents and 15 national part-time executives at the NUS National Conference. Your delegates will vote on your behalf and who they think will represent Chester Student Union.

The national president and vice-president direct the national union, appear in the media and speak as the conclusive voice of the students in the UK.


This is a group of documents which shapes what the organisation should concentrate on over the year, taking into account what the members want and need. It is built up of smaller components called motion’s.

Each specific issue is called a motion and is presented by the National Union of Students. Once debated between the pros and the cons, your NUS delegates will then vote on whether or not they think NUS should pass this motion on your behalf.


At the start of the NUS conference, your NUS delegates will receive a copy of the reports. These detail the work done by the NUS over the last year. Your delegates will then be able discuss these reports with other NUS delegates and be able to vote for or against the work done by the union. If believed to have done as much as it can then your delegates will vote in favour.



This conference is the only time your delegates get to represent you and have their say. It is essential that the NUS is working to improve the lives of students nationally which is why you vote to choose who represents you each year, ensuring the NUS is moving in a positive direction