Welcome to the University of Chester’s Warrington Campus Netball Team.

This year we are looking to maintain a First and Second team for Warrington Campus. There are two leagues we will enter this year, this being BUCs League Team and the Warrington Ball Hall League. We are looking for more people to join our team regardless of the level of netball you have previously played. This year we will be training and playing netball as well as organised team social events such as going on Tour! We welcome all people joining the University of Chester down to our training sessions!

In 2015/2016 netball managed to attain a second team! This being able to enter another local league! What we hope to achieve this academic year is more successful matches, more social activities! If you are interested join our group on our facebook page to keep up to date with posts and like our twitter and instagram page to see what we are all about!


Meeting Dates


Club Principals

Club Captain: Jessica Brooke

Club Vice Captain: Katie Parker

Social Sec: Hanna Melia

Communications Officer: Briony Turner


Contact Email

Club Captain: Jessica Brooke –

Communications Officer: Briony Turner